Très Trésors [UPDATED]

Lovely shoppers, I have updated (and more updates to come!) lots of Très Trésors shoes in many more colours. Do click on "Older Post" right at the bottom right of the page to check! The shoes you've been eying on might just be in the colour you wished for! ;) Also, please take note that the Très Trésor-er (ME) will be away from 25 - 31 May. Please forgive me if I take a little longer to reply your mails. I am unable to reply text messages while I'm away, so please drop me an e-mail instead at kee_andrea@yahoo.com, and I promise I'll reply as promptly as I can! Some of your shoes are arriving within this week (estimated to arrive middle of the week). If it arrives before I go, I'll do my best to post it out/meet up with you to pass you your awaited shoes! :) Otherwise, once I'm back I'll expedite the process as much as I can ;) Meanwhile, keep checking back for updates and keep the orders coming in :) Andrea
TRÈS TRÉSORS Shoe aficionados, this is for you! ;)
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