Visit Très Trésors & Wow Couture booth at MOFEW 2010, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (13-15 Aug)

Dearest Très Trésor-ians,
It is my pleasure to inform you that Très Trésors (http://tres-tresors.blogspot.com/) and Wow Couture (http://www.wow-couture.com/) are joining forces to set up a booth at Booth 02, Malaysia's Online Fashion Entrepreneurs' Weekend (http://mofew.com.my/) this weekend, 13 - 15 August, 11.00 am - 9.00 pm daily (at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre), and we'll be delighted to see you there!
P/S: Many prizes for you to be won from MOFEW too :)
Do take some time off from your busy schedule to pay us a visit, and I promise no regrets ;) Très Trésors will be stocking up on lot (and I mean LOTS) of exclusive ready stocks (it's high time you get to TRY on 'em gorgeous shoes before you buy :) ), and Wow Couture has some head-turning outfits in store (the perfect match to complete your outfit :) ) just for this. We are very, VERY excited!
P/S 2: Très Trésors is also in the running for MOFEW The Search (Stage 3) competition, as we have emerged as of one the Top 8 finalists. The Fashion Show contest will be on 14 Aug at 4.00 pm - 6.30 pm, held at the same venue. Do come and show some love and support as we have come up with a mind-blowing performance! :)
Meanwhile, Très Trésors has also set up a storefront on http://www.mysimplifieds.com/user-profile?u=52559, displaying all the ready stocks we have in hand right now. Do click on the link to browse through our collection, and you might just fall in love at first sight :)
Be there or be square! XxXx

Must-VISIT!: http://www.mysimplifieds.com/user-profile?u=52559


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